4 Best Email Marketing Tools to Save Your Time

Marketing trends are getting fast developing over time but some trends just come and go but email is a trend since long time which has high stability for marketing.

Marketing practices via e-mail are one of the many options that are widely used by businesses from various backgrounds, from small businesses, start-ups to large corporations.

Email being the top option for B2C and B2B content marketing with a marketing accumulation of 77% B2C and 87% B2B to maintain their audience, with a high percentage it can help your other marketing options.

But wait, you still have homework! you know what? To make pretty email that's take a lot time

If without an efficient email marketing tool, maybe you'll spend a lot of time creating and sending emails, won't this hamper your productivity time?

Many companies of various classes are satisfied with the email marketing option because there are many choices of free or paid tools provided by the developer for their users, of course this will be very helpful in email marketing practices and save you a lot of time and money.

1. Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot is a leading marketing platform that offers sophisticated and easy-to-use email marketing solutions for users, there are many excellent features offered by Hubspot email marketing to its users.

Advanced Email Personalization Features

In email marketing, personalization is the key to increasing customer engagement, leveraging powerfull personalization features will make it easier for you to deliver relevant and effective messages to your customers.

You can take advantage of this personalization feature by entering customer names, customer information and certain customer segments to make a more personal impression.

This sophisticated and easy-to-use personalization feature opens up opportunities to increase the response and conversion of the email campaigns you create.

Easy Email Editor Features

In addition to the email personalization feature that makes it easier for you to record customers, the email editor feature provided by Hubspot also makes it easier for you to create attractive and professional emails without having to have special and in-depth knowledge.

The hubspot editor feature allows you to choose an existing template, besides that you can also customize the template design as you like, such as adding image elements, text, action buttons and many more. With this feature you can create appropriate emails quickly and efficiently

Automatic Feature

Hubspot email marketing is also equipped with automated and targeted features, with this automated feature you can make complex workflows easy because the hubspot automatic feature can read the flow based on customer behavior, so you don't have to spend time analyzing what emails are relevant to you. they.

You can create a series of welcome emails for new customers or follow up emails for customers who have already made transactions and you can also use the target segment feature to filter customers in certain groups based on their characteristics and behavior. with this feature you can be more efficient and effective in your email campaign.

With Hubspot's analytics feature, you can track and measure customer behavior by monitoring their interactions via email such as open rate, click rate and conversion rate metrics. with the analytical feature it will make it easier for you to evaluate the next steps right?

In-depth analytics can provide valuable insights that can be used to improve marketing strategies. So, get involved with analyzing the results of your email campaigns for marketing success, yeay!

2. Senders

Sender is one of the free email marketing tools on the market, sender allows you to create newsletters even if you have no knowledge of HTML. You just have to choose the template provided, you can also customize elements such as images, videos, and text, and you can even customize newsletters to create a bigger impact on recipients.

Easy-to-Use Editor

With the easy edit feature you can quickly create attractive and professional emails without having to have design and HTML skills, you can change the appearance of the email design according to your brand with the various template options available, you can add text, images, action buttons, and visual elements to make it look appealing and captivate the recipient's attention.

Personalized Messages Feel More Personal

Personalization is the key to getting the attention of customers, therefore you can take advantage of this one feature to convey relevant and more personal messages, build emotional connections, increase response rates and enable greater engagement.

Precise Target Segment Target

The target segment feature in Sender lets you divide your customers into groups based on their attributes or behavior based on their demographics, preferences, purchase history and actions they have taken

You can send relevant, customizable emails to each customer group, with well-targeted segments enabling you to increase conversions and maximize campaign effectiveness.

Automation To Increase Interaction With Customers

Sender offers automation features that allow you to create automated workflows for sending emails to customers in the right circumstances. For example, you can set up workflows to send welcome emails to new customers, follow-up emails after purchases and reminder emails for upcoming events with intelligent automation.

Monitoring And Measuring Success

Through detailed reports you can gain insight into the performance of email campaigns and see emerging trends over time. Sender provides a comprehensive analytical tool to monitor and measure the success of your email campaigns, you can track metrics like open rate, click rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate and more. 

These in-depth analytics can help you understand customer behavior, identify areas for improvement and make smarter decisions in your marketing strategy.

All your needs that should take time will be greatly helped by the presence of these superior features, from a sophisticated email editor to intelligent personalization. Using these features optimally may lead you to success in email marketing.

3. Brevo

Brevo is a well-known email marketing platform that provides a number of excellent features. by having email marketing tools and other functionality such as lead generation and customer management that allows you to customize your emails.

Interestingly Brevo has more than 80 responsive design templates and can preview to make sure the result is what you want.

A/B Testing

The A/B testing feature can test and compare variations of email elements such as subject, content and layout. By conducting an A/B test you can determine which elements are most effective at capturing the customers attention.

Tools integration

Sendinblue email marketing can be integrated with various marketing tools and platforms such as CRM, content management systems and social media.

With this integration you can connect customer data from various sources such as managing holistic marketing campaigns and increasing customer engagement through different channels.

Data Security

with customer data security Brevo provides reliable protection against attacks and unauthorized use.

The platform adheres to high security standards including data encryption, two-factor verification and compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

Friendly Customer Support

Responsive customer support is an important aspect of ensuring a good user experience and Brevo is an solution! they're ready to help you solve problems or just answer questions in a friendly manner through communication channels, live chat or email.

4. Omnisend

Omnisend is an e-commerce based email platform that can help you integrate all platforms in one place. many interesting features are provided by Omnisend but unfortunately the free package only includes email, but that is more than enough to support your marketing.

Cart Recovery

Omnisend provides an abandoned cart recovery feature, this feature allows you to send automatic emails to customers who leave their shopping cart without completing a purchase.

You can send reminder messages offer special discounts or provide other incentives to encourage customers to come back and complete their purchase.

Flexible Workflow

The flexible workflow feature lets you easily edit and manage complex email workflows such as sending emails, time delays and A/B testing

Marketing SMS

Apart from email, Omnisend also provides an SMS marketing feature that can send text messages to your subscribers to provide important notifications, exclusive offers or important reminders.

Opt-in Forms

Omnisend's last feature allows you to create attractive and customized opt-in forms to add new subscribers to your email list.

You can design and customize opt-in forms according to your branding look and you can also enable pop-up opt-in forms or slide-in forms to increase conversions and grow your email list.


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