How to become a better email marketer?

There's 5 tips to improve your email marketing skills, how to focusing as an email marketer and how finding a niche makes more sense than trying to cover various types of email marketing.

1 You need to really understand who you are talking to

What do they want? How do they think? What are they afraid of? What are their doubts? I feel this is part of email marketing and marketing in general that is often overlooked, but actually this is the foundation. If you really master that part, then all the other parts will be much more effective.

2. Don't forget the importance of good copywriting because email is basically a written format

So the better you write, the better your email. Besides just writing well, you really need to again understand how your audience speaks and the words and phrases they use in their minds when thinking about your category or product. Speak in their language in your email copy.

3. Master design well because email is also a visual format

Many people think that great design just means beautiful images but actually good design is good organization of information. How do you organize information so that it is easy for readers and consumers to digest the information?

4. Don't be afraid to use data and analytics

This includes looking at open rates, click rates, conversion rates, click through rates, delivery rates, spam complaint rates, unsubscribe rates, and understanding and analyzing all this data and sometimes this may sound overwhelming but understanding all these technical things like segmentation and automation would take you to an expert level as an email marketer.

5. Is it important for an email marketer to find their niche? 

Just like with other professionals, I see a lot of benefits in focusing and finding your niche, this will help you become an expert and really master your skills better. Instead of trying to cover more things you'll go deeper into a specific area. 

That's why many agencies only work with e-commerce companies and only do email and SMS marketing for e-commerce. This is also what I did, when I started to focus only on e-commerce, I started to produce much better work.

You may think that email marketing is not such a big field, but actually, the emails you write for a software as a service company are very different from the emails you have to write for an e-commerce company or for coaches and online courses. 

As an email marketer I suggest to find your niche and really become an expert in one area, then if you get bored you can explore other niches too, but I think there are a lot of benefits in finding your niche and just focusing there

Thank you so much for reading until the end. Did I miss anything or do you have any comments or questions? I would love to hear them, so please go to the comment section below the article now and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you. Thank you again for reading the article and see you in the next one!