What are the Email Marketing trends that you should know in 2024?


Email marketing has been becoming more and more relevant since the beginning of the pandemic, McKinsey and the company found that 75 percent of US consumers are trying a new shopping behavior in response to restrictions, it means that there's a lot of competition in the customers' mailboxes. So what can you do to stand out and make the customers open your emails? Let's look trends that can help you boost your email marketing campaigns in 2024

1. Minimalism

While those beautifully designed emails with a lot of nice pictures and colors work great for some campaigns (and honestly, we create a ton of those), very simple emails with plain text have proven to be more effective for some other campaigns. The most important emails that we get are from work and people that we know, and those emails are usually very simple and text-based, also minimalism is a growing trend this year because it helps people focus on the message you're trying to deliver. If you haven't tested plain text emails yet, give them a try.

2. Advanced email personalization

Yes, personalization has been a big trend in email marketing for years. Your customers give you a lot of their personal information such as their names, the place they live, items they bought, and their preferences. Use this information to create even more personalized emails.

It's a win-back email that's totally personalized to a person. As you'd expect they use first name in both the subject line and the body of the email, but they go beyond that they say would give 20% off for 48 hour, look like without making it feel forced.

This is an example of the next-level email personalization. Hopefully, this inspired some ideas for your own emails, so make sure you write them down right now and implement them right after read this article 

3. Employ AI

To achieve the level of personalization that we just discussed, you should start using AI, or artificial intelligence, I promise it's not as scary as it sounds. Your email platform probably already has a strong data engine and allows you to easily use the collected data.

  • Build an email automation that shoots out a win-back email right around the time the shopper is most likely to reorder. 
  • Figure out the most optimal sending time for your specific audience or insert a personalized product carousel based on the recipient's browsing and purchasing history. 
Needless to say, all of these things lead to higher conversion rates, so make sure you're investing in an email platform that is focused on data.

4. Replace generic call to action

We've all seen this call to action by now (shop now, join now, learn more, and so on) because they're used so often they don't really work anymore, by using these cliche phrases you're missing potential clicks from your subscribers. So try using a phrase that will appeal to your customer's pain.

For example if you're selling a vacuum cleaner, instead of saying "buy now" in your email, you can say "clean up or let's get clean" or something like that. Don't get too carried away though, your call to action should still be clear even if you're being clever, it should always make sense to all of your readers, otherwise they won't click.

5. Interactive emails

Allowing subscribers to interact with your email increases engagement, which makes them more likely to buy whatever it is you're selling. Try to turn your subscribers from passive to active readers, engage them with polls, surveys, user-generated content, gamification elements, animated gifs or image rollover effects. 

All of these elements can help you increase your customer's interest in your emails, which will lead to a growth in open rate and conversion, in addition different kinds of surveys and polls can provide important insights to make your email campaigns more efficient in the future.

6. Short form emails

The next email marketing trend that you should try this year is short emails. It's no secret that our attention span has shrunk to smaller than we could have ever imagined, I sometimes can't go through writing a work email without checking something in another tab or checking my inbox, your subscribers are no different. 

I know how tempting it is to put all of the info about your new product or brand into the email but you have to realize that most of that information will go unread. 

Short emails feel much better to your subscribers when they open and see that they won't have to process too much info to get the email in front of them. That generates a positive reaction, as a result more people click through your short emails and eventually more people buy, it's good for your readers and it's good for you too. As most of the time short emails are faster to create, make sure you give them a try.

7. Say goodbye to open rates

After Apple's new privacy settings, companies can't track who opened emails on Apple devices anymore, it's likely just a matter of time before other tech companies will follow suit, so as a result you need new indicators of engagement because the open rate is not reliable anymore. Email click rate and website activity are some great ones to use in your segmentation and analytics.

8. Focus on privacy

The focus on privacy is a growing trend in marketing overall, so, as an email marketer you need to pay attention, this is now true more than ever before, don't obscure your unsubscribe link and make it easy and effortless to unsubscribe from your emails for those who want out. 

Additionally if you offer communication frequency preferences which is definitely a good idea, make sure that you honor your subscriber's choice and if they said they only want to hear from you once a month, you don't email them more often than that.

9. Add SMS marketing to the mix

Finally, the last trend I'll cover today is SMS marketing. Yes, it's technically not email marketing but those two channels really go together like peanut butter and jelly, so I had to mention it. More and more brands now offer SMS marketing as another way to connect with their audience and people take advantage of that, i highly recommend adding SMS marketing to your mix. 

All of those things really help us a ton and they will help you see more content about e-commerce and email marketing in the future and I will see you in the next article